Our Mission:

    The Chabad Jewish Center of North Dakota supports the community by promoting Jewish pride, study, and celebration.


Our Values: 

    The Chabad Jewish Center of North Dakota is dedicated to providing a positive Jewish experience for every Jew regardless of background, philosophy, or level of commitment.


Spreading out Roots:

    Chabad had been sending representatives to North Dakota for decades through the annual Roving Rabbis program in which Chabad rabbinical students spend their summer vacation visiting remote locations, often without an established Jewish community, to share the joy of Jewish living with local Jews.


Meet the Grossmans: 

    In 2011 Rabbi Yonah & Esti Grossman were sent to establish a permanent Chabad center in North Dakota. They immediately set themselves to building relationships and have been successful in bringing Jews of varied backgrounds together, by hosting cultural programs and providing for the Jewish needs of the various communities around the state.

    They have since been joined by two beautiful daughters, Chaya Mushka and Rivka Brocha, and a son, Menachem Mendel.